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Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

What is the Myphonecard service?
With Myphonecard you can top up the mobile prepaid phones of your friends and family in 120 countries supported by this service. Just enter the code you can find on the receipt of purchase, the mobile phone number you want to top up and the amount of your choice, and you are ready!
To which countries does the top-up service Myphonecard work?
We work in 120 countries, from Morocco to Congo, passing through Brazil or China. Click here for the complete list.
Can I send top-ups from any country?
Yes, you can send credit from any country thanks to the website


What is a top-up ?
A top-up is the amount that you pay to credit of a mobile phone number.
Can I send top-ups/credit to any mobile phone number?
The phone number has to belong to one of the countries where our service is available. (click here to see the complete list), and has to correspond to a mobile phone prepaid.
What happens when I try to top up a number that is not available to your service?
No problem, in that case the service will warn you about the inability to send credit to this phone, free of charge.
How much credit can I send?
When you have entered the telephone number of the beneficiary, you will be asked to choose an amount of top-up, which cannot exceed the amount of the purchased Phone Card. Otherwise you can combine several Myphonecard codes, until you reach the desired amount.
How can I check the exact value of the redeemed amount sent to the beneficiary?
When you have completed a top-up, a confirmation page will open, where you can check the exact amount that the beneficiary will receive in local currency, and any remaining credit on your Phone Card.
How can I check if the beneficiary properly received his top-up?
If you’ve entered your phone number, you will receive a text message on your mobile phone confirming the sent top-up. The beneficiary will also receive a text message containing the received amount (in the currency of his country), your mobile phone number and your message if you’ve entered one.
How can the beneficiary know it’s me who sent him the top-up?
When you’ve received the text message on your mobile phone confirming the sent top-up, the beneficiary will automatically receive a text message containing the received amount (in the currency of his country), your mobile phone number and your message if you’ve entered one.
When will the credit arrive at the beneficiary?
The credit will be sent immediately to the beneficiary. You both will receive a confirmation text message.
How can I check whether the transaction was successful?
You will receive a confirmation on the web interface and on your mobile (text message) if you have indicated your number at the time of topping up. The beneficiary will also receive a confirmation text message on his phone.
What can I do if the beneficiary doesn’t receive the credit on his mobile phone?
Please contact us at


Where do you use the data that I have provided you for?
We will keep your data on our servers, in full respect of the regulations in force. This regulation prohibits sharing your data with third parties without your explicit permission.
Does Myphonecard also keep the data of the beneficiary of the top-up?
No, we don’t.
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