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Terms & Conditions

The Myphonecard name, Myphonecard logo and all other Myphonecard names and logos used on the Myphonecard website with URL address are registered commercial trademarks owned by Epipoli S.p.A.

  1. Subject

    The Terms & Conditions regulate the methods by which Epipoli S.p.A. puts on sale the Home Top-Up service to users (hereafter, “Customer(s)”) who visit the website at the URL address

    Myphonecard is a brand owned by Epipoli S.p.A., a company legally incorporated and registered in Italy, with registered headquarters in Viale E. Jenner, 64 – 20159 – Milan.

    The Gift Cards subject to this contract, and hereafter indicated by the name of “Phone Card”, entitle the purchaser to credit to be used to top up mobile telephones abroad (participating in the project), with respect to the country in which they were purchased. By using a Home Top-Up Phone Card, Customers expressly accept these Terms & Conditions, applicable with the exclusion of all other previous Terms & Conditions.

    These Terms & Conditions can be found on the Myphonecard website and may be changed for service requirements by Epipoli SpA at any time. Customers are required to read the Terms & Conditions every time they use a Phone Card. Each version of the Terms & Conditions states the publication date. The Phone Cards are therefore regulated by the Terms & Conditions actually published online at the time of their actual use.

  2. Description of Home Top-Up Service

    The Home Top-Up Service allows Customers to purchase Home Top-Up Phone Cards of set amounts to be credited to other users of pay-as-you-go mobile telephones of the mobile telephony operators listed at

    The lists of countries and mobile network operators may be changed.

    The Home Top-Up Phone Card cannot be exchanged for cash and will not be reimbursed once activated. The permitted mobile communications, types of services (voice or data) guaranteed by each top-up and the conditions and restrictions for being able to benefit from them are defined by the beneficiary's mobile telephony operator. The value of each top-up may be changed based upon the Terms & Conditions of the mobile telephony operator providing the telephone service.

    Epipoli S.p.A. does not accept liability for the Terms & Conditions of the mobile telephony operators and any changes thereto.

    The Phone Card is subject to expiry; the initial top-up must be made by the expiry date of the PIN indicated on the purchase receipt. Once the first top-up has been made, Customers will have 90 days in which to spend the residual credit contained on their Phone Card.

  3. Availability of Home Top-Up Service

    The Home Top-Up service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Due to connection interruptions and maintenance works, the Home Top-Up service may be temporarily unavailable for pay-as-you-go telephones of some mobile telephony operators.

  4. Method of Use

    In order to use the Home Top-Up Phone Card, Customers must connect to the web-site from a computer, smartphone or tablet and enter:

    - The mobile phone number of the person to which they wish to send the top-up
    - The amount to be topped up
    - The PIN found printed at the bottom of the purchase receipt

  5. Consumer Information / Privacy Protection

    The identity, registered headquarters and address of the top-up service supplier are as follows: Epipoli S.p.A. Viale E. Jenner, 64 – 20159 - Milan. The essential characteristics of the Service are indicated in Article 3 4 of these conditions. Consumers can find essential and detailed information regarding the price, including all applicable taxes and rates, and payment methods on the website In addition, set out below are the details that allow Customers to contact Myphonecard quickly and to communicate directly and effectively: e-mail The online publication of these general conditions constitutes “written confirmation on permanent support” provided to Consumer Customers in accordance with Art. 53 of the Consumer Code and Art. 5, Paragraph 1 of EC Directive 97/7. All personal data entered by Customers during the registration process and other data collected as part of the service will be processed in compliance with our Privacy Information Notice, accessible by clicking here or found on the website.

  6. Tariffs

    The Top-Up tariffs may be changed: the applicable price is specified upon sending the top-up on the website

    Once used, the Home Top-Up Phone Card may not in any way be refunded.

    The Phone Card cannot be refunded even in the event of theft or loss of the PIN.

    When using the Phone Card, Customers must enter the pay-as-you-go mobile phone number to be topped up, taking care to check the number entered prior to validating the top-up, as the same cannot be rectified if a wrong number is entered.

    After Customers have confirmed the top-up, the beneficiary will be informed of the top-up received on his/her pay-as-you-go mobile phone for the amount, in local currency, equal to the value of the top-up made.

    Customers will automatically receive an SMS confirming the order to their mobile phone number, if they have entered it upon making the top-up.


    Epipoli S.p.A. does not guarantee that the services provided by the mobile telephony operators will be free from defects or interruptions; as a result, it does not accept any liability in relation to the quality of performance of those mobile telephony services.

  8. Contact

    For any information on the Home Top-Up service, please contact:

  9. Legislation and Jurisdiction

    These Terms & Conditions are regulated by Italian law. Any dispute regarding the conclusion, termination and/or implementation of the top-up supply contract referred to in the above articles is under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Milan.

  10. Language

    All documents, communications and terms sent to Customers, including these Terms & Conditions, will be prepared in Italy. For Customers' convenience, Epipoli S.p.A. may offer versions of those documents and communications in other languages. Customers acknowledge, however, that, in the case of contradictions or lack of comprehension, the versions in Italian will always prevail.

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